A Japanese lullaby for Carolina.

The Hudson River Valley,

images receding,

memories that have been reordered.

Transcendence in the repetition of sound that echoes

through the beat of the train tracks.  

Filmed and edited by,

Deborah M.Liberti

Point on the Axis of Water

Filmed and edited by: Deborah M. Liberti

June 18, 2020

music: John Cage and Jesse Zubot

montage of voices on the train traveling along the Hudson River

Point on the Axis of Water

Images passing by,

The horizon following the movement on the train tracks.

Voices are in the background,

The foreground green marshes and water that follow the rhythm of sound.

A small house a shade of white on the edge of a small land mass.

That clings on to life, house without a foundation.

A quick glimpse of uncertainty into the ebb and flow of water.

I am present with my daughter.

Experiencing the passing of time with raindrops, tidal pools,

And the repetition of sound and the rocking movement of the train on the tracks.

Rabbit Rabbit

The photographs were taken at our home in Rochester New York, and at the Mount Hope Cemetery. On a walk to the Mount Hope Cemetery, I photographed the snow on the side of a mausoleum that outlined the relief of an angel. We live close to lake Ontario and experience Lake - effect snow throughout the winter months. The bird bath became a measure for how much snow we got in the month of February. Temperatures remained close to 0 degrees celsius so the snow remained light and strikingly beautiful. The tracks in the video are from a large rabbit that found it's way into the yard, where my husband placed sunflower seeds for the birds.

The pink dress in the fresh white snow,

like the rabbit tracks,


and Angel on the side of the mausoleum


me closer to home.

Sequential Tempo

Monroe Avenue is a main road that runs through Monroe County in the Finger Lakes region of New York. There is a central railroad track that runs north and south through Pittsford NY. On a trip to visit our family in Pittsford a freight train was passing by and I fortuitously was able to take the video for the moving image Sequential Tempo.

My love of trains goes back to when I was a young girl visiting my grandparents and my young adult days living near the Hudson River. The rhythmic sound that seemed to echo through the Hudson Valley. The brightly painted trains with words and geometric images, that the graffiti artists made was pure visual joy for a young girl such as myself.

The piece Sequential temple hightened my love of the visual and natural sounds created by the train making its way to a destination that is unknow to the observer.